High Resolution Particle size and zeta potential measurements

Dynamic light scattering (DLS) is the preferred method for particle size analysis of nanoparticles.  The basic size range for DLS is 0.3 nm – 10 m, depending on the sample. The PSS NICOMP system has a unique DLS algorithm with the ability to resolve multiple peaks in the submicron region.

The Nicomp DLS system has unique capabilities also including auto-dilution, desktop multi-angle goniometer, PALS analysis for zeta potential and an autosampler for high sample throughput applications.

Particle size

DLS systems can be designed for high resolution/sensitivity or high repeatability, not both. The Nicomp DLS system has always been focused on high resolution. The unique Nicomp algorithm is capable of resolving close multi-modal distributions missed by other instruments.

Zeta potential

The Nicomp utilizes patented DSP based phase analysis light scattering (PALS) to determine the zeta potential of suspensions and emulsions. Our dip cell approach allows for low electric field strength measurements in either constant voltage or current modes that are gentle on samples and reduces electrode degradation.


Integrate the Nicomp with the PSS autosampler to automate your high sample load requirements. Coupled with auto-dilution, this provides complete automation of even concentrated samples.

Unique Features

No other DLS system offers exclusive capabilities such as:

  • The Nicomp multi-modal algorithm
  •  Auto-dilution
  •  Multi-angle goniometer
  •  Autosampler
  •  Online DLS systems