Next Frontier in Subvisible Particle Analysis: New Tools and Opportunities

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Thursday May 21,2020, 1 PM EST

Speakers: Danny Chou, President and Founder at Compassion BioSolution, and Mark Bumiller, Technology Manager at Entegris

In the past decade, we have witnessed the arrival of a large number of analytical technologies that are useful for characterizing sub-visible particles in protein therapeutics. Even with the diverse tools that are available today, there are still important gaps that have not been filled but yet have a significant role in our ability to fully analyze particles for either product characterization or formulation development purpose. The goal of this presentation is to highlight some of these gaps and share the opportunities that may be captured by new tools that are on the horizon. Finally, the speaker will elaborate on how simultaneous monitoring of sub-micron and micron-sized particles can assist biopharmaceutical formulation development and help fulfill current and future regulatory requirements