Powder Testing

BeDensi T series

Tap Densitometer

BeDensi T series includes:

  • BeDensi T1: one cylinder
  • BeDensi T2: two cylinders 
  • BeDensi T3: three cylinders

BeDensi T series meets the criterion of international standard ISO3953: 1993 and in accordance with provisions of the United States Pharmacopeia Drug tap density.

BeDensi B1 series

Bulk Densitometer

BeDensi B1 series includes:

  • BeDensi B1-S: Metal Powders
  • BeDensi B1: Non-Metal Powders

BeDensi B1-S bulk density meter uses Scott capacity meter method to measure bulk density of non-metal powder. Manufacturing standard of BeDensi B1-S meets the criterion of GB / T5060-1985 (ISO 3923/2)


Hall Flow meter

HFlow-1 tests the flowability of metal powder.

It uses the Hall flow meter method to measure whether the sample can flow through a 2.5 mm standard funnel.

The design and production of HFlow-1 Hall-flow meter is based on international standards ISO 4490-2008.